Why people participate in lotteries?

There are only two types of people in this world: those that win the lottery, and those that don’t. 
Never playing the lottery is the best way to ensure you will never win it, and I know what you are thinking: What is the chance of winning the lottery? 

The truth is, the chances of turning that ticket costing you just a couple of USD, EUR or GBP (or any currency) and turning it into millions is a very, very slim possibility, still a good fantasy. Dreaming of winning the lottery is so common that 10% of the entire world population dreams of winning the lottery.

However, the chance of winning the lottery picking random numbers is 1 in 14 million. Here at LottoScope, we have found a way to effectively increase your odds to be set for life. So go buy your ticket, log in our lottery checker and see our dream number be part of the national lottery draw. 

The risk/reward ratio is so that it’s a no brainer in why people play the lottery: A £2 ticket can ensure food for your family, a roof on your head, or a luxurious life. Still dreaming of winning the lottery? Here are some examples of lottery jackpot records: 

1 - UK’s biggest jackpot was won in 2011 by Colin and Chris Weir. Their dream of winning money was surely fulfilled with a £161M fortune to spend. 

2- In 2016, Tennessee, Florida and California held the biggest jackpot in US history, with a fortune of $1.6 billion that was shared between the three winners. People like this make me wonder if they woke up thinking about their lucky number today

3- The Irish Lottery changed the life of 16 quarry employees who shared an 18.9M jackpot! Do you think they woke up and googled last night’s winning lottery numbers, only to find themselves printed on the first page? For sure, their days at the quarry are over.
UK’s biggest jackpot was won in 2011. Their dream of winning money was surely fulfilled with a £161M fortune to spend.

These are just three. How many people win the lottery per year? The truth is, countless people. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. When you realise that a $2 registered lottery ticket can change your life, you will soon realise why people play the lottery! 

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