What is the best way of picking Lottery Numbers?

That is pretty much anyone’s question whenever they start playing the Lottery.
After some research, we can confidently say that lottery players can be defined into three categories:

- People that play random numbers and hope for the best
- People that play very specific numbers they previously attempted calculating
- People with faith in things like the horoscope, lucky signs or lucky numbers.

As experienced lottery players, LottoScope instead designed a system which we can confidently state as the best way to pick Lottery Numbers: with a higher success rate than any other system on the market, here is how winners pick their lottery combinations:

Hot and cold numbers

Not all numbers are created equal in the lottery: for example, the number 23 is amongst the most picked lottery number in the National Lottery. This is called a hot number. You guessed it right, hot numbers are those most picked! 
The opposite is called a lottery cold number, and they are the least picked. For example, number 53 is the least picked lottery number

From what box do you prefer picking? Hot or cold numbers? 

LottoScope started exactly with this idea: can lottery numbers be picked using statistics?
The number 23 is amongst the most picked lottery number in the National Lottery

The box test

Imagine you have a box where you contain twenty balls, and you must pick one at random. Also, ten are blue, and ten are green. 

You fish out a ball six times, and all six times a green ball comes out. Now you have to pick one out the seventh time, what colour is your ball going to be? 

If you said Green, then you are a fan of hot numbers. If you said Blue, then cold numbers will do you just fine!

Sorry, this is not the Box Test you are looking for.

Due numbers

Let’s look at the statistical approach we are so fond of: the box test has a 50% chance of extracting a green ball every time. Your chance of extracting seven in a row with these statistics are only 0.7%. 

This means that inevitably, you are now due to extracting a blue ball from your box, making this a due number
Let’s apply these two strategies to the lottery, now we understood how it works: if the number 4 is extracted every 10 in 100 games, that means it has a 10% chance of being extracted every game. If more than 25 games have passed since the last number 4 was extracted, that means the number 4 now has nearly a 99% chance of being extracted with the next game. 

Here at LottoScope, we have an Artificial Intelligence System called The Analyst that does these insane calculations for us. Calculating every single extraction since the birth of the Lottery, The Analyst calculates all the potential outcomes and defines what are the best numbers to pick: before you know it, you’ll be set for life.

The Analyst calculates all the potential outcomes and defines what are the best numbers to pick.

About the author: The Analyst

The Analyst, our A.I. tool, studies previous games to discover patterns and removes 50% of the numbers with the least likelihood of being selected, leaving you only the numbers with the highest chance of being extracted.
The Analyst