I dreamt of falling

Your dreams have a meaning

Whether funny, exciting, scary or unsettling, the dreams we experience during sleep all have a meaning or a symbolism of some sorts: although cryptic at times, your experiences during the awake time may be affecting not just the sleep quality, but what you are dreaming of as well. Therefore, here are the meanings of your dreams.

I dreamt of falling


Photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes on Unsplash

Dreaming of falling has multiple meanings depending on your life situation. This is one of the most common dreams and the body reacts by waking you up - Hence the “Jolting awake” thing your body does -.

Dreaming of falling has different meanings:

  • Lacking a stable platform: You do not feel like you have a strong support under your feet. Whether it’s a job or a relationship you do not feel completely safe in, your body subconsciously tells you to look for a stronger balance where to position yourself inlife.
  • Chaotic environment: You believe that it could all go up in flames at any given moment, so you are afraid of suddenly falling. Similarly to the previous example, living in a chaotic environment could also indicate tension and the prospect of something huge happening soon.
  • There’s something coming up that excites you: Well, the ideal word for this situation is “thrill”. You are scared yet excited about something: Whether it is a contract review or an important day for your relationship, something you are not fully prepared for is heading your way.
  • You have recently made a mistake: Sometimes, rather than major mistakes, dreaming of falling could simply be an underlying case of low self-esteem. You are currently bashing yourself over a mistake that isn’t particularly affecting you, yet your self-image is the one that is getting the most damage out of the event.

Photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes on Unsplash

Being in pain as a result of falling

Isn’t being in pain one of the most obnoxious, terrifying dreams? Sometimes, it can be so intense that your body genuinely feels in pain, despite you not suffering any actual injuries. It is a lot more common than you think! Being in pain as a result of falling has two meanings only:

  1. You feel hurt due to a recent bad event: You feel like you cannot recover from something bad that recently happened
  2. You feel unprepared for something.

Plan of action

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare: Whether you need to physically or mentally prepare yourself for something, this is your sign. It’s the moment to take a risk, whether that is buying a lottery ticket or just taking that jump you are scared to take.
  • Seek connections: Connect with your loved ones and friends. They are there for you, and sometimes, one message is all it takes to change the course of an entire day.
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