I dreamt of dancing

Your dreams have a meaning

Whether funny, exciting, scary or unsettling, the dreams we experience during sleep all have a meaning or a symbolism of some sorts: although cryptic at times, your experiences during the awake time may be affecting not just the sleep quality, but what you are dreaming of as well. Therefore, here are the meanings of your dreams.

I dreamt of dancing

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Dream meaning: dancing

Dancing is a symbol of unrestrain and freedom from restriction. Your body is probably sparkling with joy from something than happened to you recently, and even in your dreams it finds ways to celebrate. Dancing is all about happiness, frivolity and sex - Perhaps, you may want to increase your level of dopamine by being open and honest about your sexual life.

Dancing with a partner is often associated with sexual acts too, but in a very bonding and intimate way: You may feel very close to your partner and in harmony with your current relationship. Dreaming of dancing normally means that you are probably happy and in control of your life. Well done!

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Photo by Ardian Lumi on Unsplash

How was the dance?

Who led the dance may indicate reflections on your relationship with people. If you dreamt of dancing with your partner and you were in control, you may be too aggressive and assertive - which is something you have subconsciously internalised but somewhat willing to change. If you rejected a dance from someone, even a stranger, you may feel the need to bond with someone more than you currently are. Perhaps, you may be insecure about your relationship, or you could simply feel lonely and in need of a connection with someone that digs deeper than a one night stand. 

Dreaming of a group dance is very simple: This is all about a harmonious community, ecstasy and creativity: You are currently experiencing a deep connection with one or more people that invigorates you with joy. 

Children dancing could be positive or negative depending on how distant the child was in your dream: You may be grieving over the loss of someone if you can’t seem to reach the child, or you could simply be happy with your personal life if you were dancing as well.

Dream meaning: Being on the dance floor

Isn’t being on the dance floor all about letting loose and being the centre of attention? You are currently experiencing a very high amount of pressure and need a wild, uncontrolled self to pump the stress out. Simple as that!

Plan of action

  • Being grateful and mindful of your current life will bring more happiness. Remember that the goal of “being happy” is unreachable unless the happiness starts from within you.
  • If you are already feeling such happiness, then it’s time to make the world even better and grow as a result: Consider volunteering, donating or attending fun group activities, like a charity run
  • Connect, connect, connect! Don’t be scared of sending that first message, don’t be scared to call your old friends or to organise a night out with your group. Let loose and enjoy life without consequences.
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