I dreamt of being abandoned

Your dreams have a meaning

Whether funny, exciting, scary or unsettling, the dreams we experience during sleep all have a meaning or a symbolism of some sorts: although cryptic at times, your experiences during the awake time may be affecting not just the sleep quality, but what you are dreaming of as well. Therefore, here are the meanings of your dreams.

I dreamt of being abandoned

Being alone

Dreaming of being abandoned by a person close to you, such as a loved one, a friend or a colleague, may be indicating that your body seeks growth: see this as a sign that it is time to leave behind past feelings, unresolved altercations or characteristics hindering your growth. If you dreamt of being abandoned, interpret this as a sign that you must let go of past attitudes and anything you feel unconcluded. 

If you dreamt of being abandoned by a loved one you currently see and visit, it might just be a deep fear of being deserted or betrayed. Do you fear your loved one may be cheating? Have you recently suffered from a loss? Your dream means a desperate need to feel safe and grow in the positive direction.

Being alone

Your body needs to grow, your mindset needs to evolve.

You may be feeling neglected, and this may be stemming from childhood traumas or feelings left unresolved. That is ok. You have the power to overcome all those childhood problem, and that melancholic dream about being abandoned is a sign depicting just that: Now, be fearless, let go of the past and abandon all those sad memories.

You dreamt of being abandoned by a colleague or by a job.

You may be experiencing high pressure from newfound responsibilities in a job. This is common, especially at the beginning of a new career, and feelings of not being good enough are just a natural reaction. If you dreamt of being abandoned by a job, simply understand what about your current employment makes you fearful or stressed and tackle said issue. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Plan of action

  • Accept that whatever happened in the past stays in the past. As much as we would like to, nobody is able to change it. However, realise that the future holds for you only what you make of it in the present.
  • Choose to let go of past mistakes. Let go of whatever is making you upset and all that repressed anger and depression you carry with you. Today is a gift, and you dreaming of being abandoned is a positive sign: It means that your body and your spirit is ready for a change.
  • Keep growing, no matter what. Face your fears, accept that you can’t control people or whether or not they chose or choose to stay in your life: the only way to be happy is by making the most out of it in the present.
  • Keep going, no matter what. You are strong, and you aren’t alone.
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