I dreamt of an ex

Your dreams have a meaning

Whether funny, exciting, scary or unsettling, the dreams we experience during sleep all have a meaning or a symbolism of some sorts: although cryptic at times, your experiences during the awake time may be affecting not just the sleep quality, but what you are dreaming of as well. Therefore, here are the meanings of your dreams.

I dreamt of an ex

Such a common dream could mean thousands of things! Believe it or not, dreaming of someone you’d rather forget is a major source of stress, and one of the most dreamt… dreams. 

Dreaming about an ex will have different meanings depending on your circumstances. Thus, here are the reasons why your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is appearing in your sleep.

Angry ex dream meaning

Dreaming of your ex girlfriend or boyfriend being angry at you could signify accumulated guilt. If the reason behind your break-up is unresolved, or if your actions were deemed wrong in some way, you may feel guilty towards them, but your pride prevents you to apologise.

Moreoften, it’s more about yourself than it is about your ex: You may be neglecting yourself something since the break-up, maybe without even realising it.


Getting back with your ex dream meaning

Unresolved feelings and internal problems could be the reason why you dreamt of getting back with your ex. Ask yourself, are you really over them? That dream is your brain’s way to tell you that something still lurks, deep inside. 

Let that be anger, love or grief, something still emotionally connects you to your ex. 

The grief you are feeling could indicate inability to cope with the significant change, despite the time you gave yourself.

Sleeping with your ex dream meaning

Your brain may be telling you that you miss a particular activity you two were doing together. Although our brain is hardwired into seeing sex as the ultimate reward, it could be something completely different from what you dreamt about. 

Did you two use to watch movies together? Hang out at your favourite park, or listen to music together? Maybe, you are missing something from that life that you neglected since the break-up. Perhaps, it’s time to claim it back.

Your ex leaving you dream meaning

This dream isn’t about your ex at all! Your body is aching to reconnect with friends and family, and by reminding you of your loneliness, you feel inclined towards acting against the negative feeling. 

Reconnecting, seeking thrills and spice could be a natural solution to that awkward feeling you had while waking up in the morning.

Plan of action

Whereas in the past we touched on some actions you can take today according to your dreams, this subject is much more complex than we could possibly cover. Of course, your feelings are the things you should be prioritizing. 

We simply advise you to reconnect, forgive yourself and start anew, fresh and happy. Remember, everyday's a new opportunity to do good. To be good. To have it good.
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